After we discussed earlier in Bandung part 2 , now we go to a foreign country

After we discussed earlier in Bandung part 2 , now we go to a foreign country is a neighbor who happens to our country , which to Singapore . Singapore or that we are familiar with Singapore is one of the tourist destinations which are visited by foreign tourists . Some Indonesian people often view a country known for Merlionnya this statue as a suitable place for a tourist destination . This is due to travel to Singapore is relatively cheaper for travel expenses. If we want to visit this country , then it is fitting that we know are also several tourist places in Singapore that our holiday will be more efficient and focused. In addition to often used as a vacation spot and shopping , Singapore with all the splendor and beauty of the soaring buildings are not uncommon also targeted photography .
Besides Tourist Places in Singapore , Accommodation Should also Dipertimbangk addition must have a view about any place that you will visit during the holidays to spend time in the neighboring country Indonesia, you also should have a vision and planning of accommodation . Can not be denied if the property is a very important thing to consider because this property will be where you spend the night over there . To select accommodation or lodging in Singapore , preferably before you leave , it is better if you take the time to browse your order immediately when he got in Singapore has a definite purpose .Here Various Places of Interest in Singapore Special Recommended For You
If you are already well aware of the paket wisata tour belitung murah layout of the place and the area where you will visit , then the next thing you must do the planning on what sights there are to be visited upon arriving there . In order to choose , it helps if you know a number of tourist attractions in Singapore are recommended for those who will spend the holidays in lion country .

The first place you should know that the Statue of Merlion and Esplanade . Merlion Merlion statue is a symbol of Singapore stands . Many tourists who oblige themselves to go to the location of this statue to take pictures of them because then they would have otherwise been legitimately spend a holiday in Singapore . The next place the Esplanade . This place is a building that stands not far from the Merlion statue , exactly opposite the Fullerton hotel that can be reached by riding the MRT to Raffles Place station . This building has another name Durian Building or Building Eyes Flies .

The next place the Raffles Landing Site is nothing but a statue of Sir Stamford Raffles . The statue is the home to the first landing place of the governor of Singapore .Holiday you can then proceed to visit China Town . This place is nothing but a haven for tourists who want to shop for souvenirs . The place is also famous for its shopping price is very cheap and easily accessible location .Finally, you are also recommended to visit Sentosa Island where the island ‘s location adjacent to the city of Batam . The beach is clean, the location can only be reached within 1 hour , and the type of entertainment attractions are the diverse tourists consideration factors make Sentosa Island as a tourist in Singapore which are often visited .
hopefully a little article about the tourist attractions in Singapore this .

you will get an unforgettable wonderful memories Belitung

you will get an unforgettable wonderful memories Belitung and no duanya.Keindahan Belitong Island and eksotismenya will invite you and your partner to honeymoon here . Likewise with exotisme cluster of small islands would also invite you to enjoy the beauty of the landscape pulaunya.Keelokan , making the island Belitong be one honeymoon destinations which are also in demand . When you know where the feet should go , Belitong beauty can be explored on this trip .Belitung Island is an island of natural beauty that has a magnificent , beautiful virgin tub that has not been polished , very natural . fine white sand beaches surround this small island adorn the giant granite boulders lying lips gracefully above the beaches of white sand expanses like pearls its beauty began to shine through the novel and movie boom rainbow , since then not a few people who want to visit pelau Belitong , both domestic and foreign . But the desire is slightly constrained due to lack of information agen tour travel belitung about the island Belitong and facilities that are inside .Therefore in allows you to visit kepulau Belitong , in filling the business or leisure more enjoyable and trouble associated with transport , accommodation , tourist object to be visited , as well as unique culinary Belitong island . We Belitong Rainbow Tour & Travel is ready to serve you wholeheartedly with tour packages according to what you need and want to enjoy the beautiful panorama of the Pacific islands to the fullest .Well thank God , UAS has been completed . It seemed the world was colored again and again luas.hahaha why is that ? I have to stick padadiktat Karrena kitat thick for mercy hard to get into my brain . And myself were forced to make regulations to prohibit Penyedia Rental Mobil di Belitung yourself reading a novel or any book . Enough torture too .But that does not mean I have to be absent tour murah belitung from the planning to the book that will be my next purchase . Exact date of 10 UAS has been completed . Because there is still a LPJ Wednesday so I had to delay the return and all day to mengeles On Thursday too .
Well on Thursday I plan to buy a book in the area of Semarang Jlan deketnya Heroes Monument , Surabaya . Well in the center of the book there cheap , ranging from textbooks , novels , comics and other books . Dijuala there is the still new or used at very slanted pockets making it suitable for a student like me , hehehe
I think there are similar regions with the central regions of cheap books in Solo , called ‘ Busri ‘ . Not because the owner name bu Sri Sri or pack , but it is an abbreviation of ‘ buri Sriwedari and I still remember the first moment I was in middle school and high school is often visited by the father to buy textbooks when the holiday season arrives . Now , return to the road this Semarang , located in Turi market deketnya I berkinjung remedy second time after previously with my friends , crowbar , and only briefly because it has not had the money at that time .
Well for the second date I both again but with my friend , Hind amalia . This time I intend to buy the book because it just had payday , hohoho . Because Hind joy liat2 first so we quite long in there . Incidentally there is also coverage of TVRI about that place , and I am so lucky to be interviewed their targets , hahahaha half surprised because when interviewed by the Hind pur2 mlengos . Well not so narcissistic happens even awkward , hahaha
Immediately wrote where I managed to get 4 books for a total of approximately masing2 all 80rb 20rb yee , quite well because his condition is still all new , and if you buy at the bookstore was one book about 50rb price , so a hefty book that is yes .. I bought , quite eccentric really, different than usual because it is difficult nyarinya too . The first book I bought the book on ‘ The Story of my Life , Helen Keller ‘ . You must know this story , it makes curious when you first read the title , and I immediately bought . Ever liata ‘s also kayaking documentary on You Tube , and very nice . The second book , indeed sebuai with my goals , want to buy the book traveling , which incidentally dapet book on ‘ The roads to Korea ‘ that I just had to finish the first day at home because they feel a lot menganggur.heheheh
The third book is almost my second kind as yet regarding the Palestinian city , this well be making me curious as mentioned in the ‘ Notes to the State that Disappeared ‘ but still find my reading waiting for the waiting list , so wait aja further review . The fourth book kind of made me Ababil , because I was offered by the seller sanag young and I believe still fanatical about the book and syaa powerless to reject it because it made ??curious , hehehe actually not the purpose of my purchase , but so be it was his book that ‘ The secret oh aka Suju Super Junior : D I also ababil enough .
A few results of my shopping at jlaan Semarang , and then continued to stop by at Togamas but not buy apa2 because once was enough for me . Yes quite a photograph of the titles will be the next target . Then go home . Haaah , hoping the results of the interview not be aired culminate on TV . Shame bro , , : D
Congratulations for being teman2 holiday vacation , which again received the results this semester Ip , be grateful for all that hard work you yaa , , , keep fighting for the next semester : D
Saranghae Korea

You live to enjoy the holiday we have prepared in such a way to promote your satisfaction . so that when you leave the island Belitong ,

As it turned out , the distance from the airport to the city Belitung

As it turned out , the distance from the airport to the city Belitung Tj.Pandan Buluhtumbang far enough , 15 km . Until outside the airport , walk towards the outside about 1 km and met with fork . Here are directions Cross ( left to manggar , right to Tj.Pandan ) . Please select the service you want . Mango is a city in eastern P.Belitong and Tj.Pandan is a city in western P.Belitong , both are nearly 100 km distance . I chose to go to the first Tj.Pandan supermarkets such as Hypermart , Superindo , or Careffour , but quite a lot of rice stall .After breaking the fast , I pray margrib in masji Al – Ihram earlier . If you want to eat , lots of stalls around the beach , and if you want to eat food desert , no rice stalls ( RMSakato ) which is not too far from the mosque earlier . Simply walk towards town about 10 minutes , over the course of earlier arrivals . Eating at this restaurant cost 10-15 thousand , depending on the toppings you choose . There are also food stalls Lamongan ( pecel catfish , pecel chicken , and seafood ) in the near RM Sakato earlier . At the airport , you will be offered some kind of vehicle or taxi to travel to the city .If you have pesan rental mobil di belitung arrived in the city from the direction of the airport , when he got in the center of town ( no Tj.Pandan roundabout in the city center ) , just take a straight path towards the harbor , continue straight past the junction to the port , public market , and the former housing PT Timah to meet with Cape beach entrance gate attendants . Near the entrance gate of the mosque Al Ihram there , if you want to pray .

I got Tj.Pendam beach during the day , so there is still enough time until sunset came . The weather is bright and hot sun quite stinging skin ( you should wear a jacket and shoes ) . Sunsetnya Tj.Pendam famous beach , and the waves are not big here , even tend to calm ) .There’s a funny thing that I found on the beach , while it is resting on the beach , I saw a young couple having an argument simply superb . Amazingly , they fight quite a scene , to slap each other , screaming , choking mate , hit , and eventually sat back quietly , fighting again , silent again , shouting again , and the ending were both using a motor home . I can only observe their silent argument. Haha .

Day of the evening and it was raining at the beach Tj.Pendam . I also take shelter in a hostel and met a father who was flirting with two young children . He called , sir Rusman , native also worked in plantations and oil palm ( I just found out on this island there are palm oil plantations ) . Finally the rain stopped , and the sunset appeared . Until I spent the evening ahead of time to take pictures at the beach .hitchhiked who happened to pick up towards the city .Mr. Eli name car driver I was riding , a native of Belitong . His home in the surrounding agen tour travel belitung streets towards the town Tj.Pandan ( Jl.sudirman ) and worked as a delivery person from the airport to the city . During the trip , Mr. Eli pretty much about P.Belitong . On the way to town , you will pass through the terminal Tj.Pandan city . Until finally I reached the city and Mr. Eli Tj.Pandan direct drive me to the beach Tj.Pendam ( city Tj.Pandan ) . Tj.Pandan city is not as busy as the big cities in Indonesia , impressed even just as a transit city before the city to the other . There are no big

Previously , make sure you have booked the hotel Belitung

Previously , make sure you have booked the hotel Belitung , where you will stay . If you do not book in advance, you might run out of room . Therefore , one of the Pacific Islands crowded tourist destinations visited on weekends .Bring necessary items . From the office , do not have to go home , directly navigate to the airport . Simply carrying a backpack containing a change of clothes , swimwear , toiletries , and personalized medicine . Do not forget the anti- sun cream .Pack your photo , tours & travel :We are one – only your photo , serving tours & travel adventure travel package ( adventura ) and provide a package of road – road Sungailiat comprehensive in the Pacific Islands . In addition , we provide package can be adjusted to your liking .Tour packages that we provide are: white sandy beaches and emerald blue -green shades of the Pacific ocean . Charming elegance . Panorama in front of the eyes so pretty harga rental mobil di belitung  similar in promotional postcard tourist destination .Small islands scattered around Belitung Island is beautiful as is. Imagine after stress with work piling up in the morning , swim in the warm afternoon sun already Belitung . While as far as the eye could see only the blue sea .Undoubtedly , all vanished instantly workload . The body is like a battery paket wisata belitung tour that is re- stocked . Not just a dream , this weekend determined to be a trip to the Pacific Islands in the province of Bangka Belitung .If you are from Jakarta , make sure you get a ticket at 14.35 on Friday. This means you have to prepare for a half-day off on Friday .There are two airlines that you can choose to route Jakarta – Tanjung Pandan . Ticket prices fluctuate , ranging from Rp 350,000 one way . It’s ready ” nyebur ” in the Pacific ? Contek following itinerary .On Friday. From Jakarta to Belitung , aircraft will land at the airport in Tanjung Pandan HAS Hanandjoeddin , capital of the Pacific . If you leave at 14.35 , then you get in the Pacific at about 15:35 . Because travel time is less than an hour .

Most visitors from another island called Belitung

Most visitors from another island called Belitung Billiton is renting a car to facilitate their mobilization from one tourist attraction to another tourist attraction .Despite knowing the fact that but I chose to get out of the norm by not taking a taxi . From Google Earth I see the distance to the airport road just 300 meters away . I also assume that someday I can ‘ hold up ‘ anyone to become an impromptu motorcycle taxi driver . Moreover away the airport to the city center just 15 miles . I am sure the traffic is quite crowded . Maybe tersugesti also by Dutch travelers remark earlier , my spirit stepped up onto the highway layanan rental mobil di belitung From the height of Belitung Island appeared like a , ” said a Dutch tourist who walked side by side with me paket wisata belitung terbaik to the main airport building . His remarks made ??me smile and somehow bring peace anyway . The airport HAS Hananjoedin is not how much . If created equations , similar to the size of Komodo airport in Labuan Bajo , Flores . With a hefty quantity of passengers crowded , the next few years seems to require expansion of the airport building .

Out of the gate at the airport , one after the other taxi drivers start offering services . What is meant here is the taxi sedan like Avanza or Innova which functioned as a taxi . Passengers can be individuals , can also mob . Indeed, from a variety of sources , I have been told that a little hard to find public human head facing west . Invisible no towering mountain but monopolized by a garden full of plain homogeneous , occasionally limited line of hills . The striking pools resembling former tin mining lakes , scattered in many places . As is well known , the main natural resources of the island of Belitung since the Colonial era is tin . Together with Bangka , where the lead time to dominate the national market . In fact , a rise or fall of global tin price is influenced by the production of the two islands 15:30 hours Sriwijaya Air plane that I was riding touching the runway HAS Hananjoedin , drizzle greeted my arrival . Thankfully, it only lasted for a moment without rain followed . ” Do not be angry , drizzle that fell when we come to a strange place it is significantly positive . Say this island welcome us with joy

Back to Tj . Pandan , I took time to enjoy Belitung

Back to Tj . Pandan , I took time to enjoy Belitung empek – Empek and drop back to the souvenir shop . The journey time is slightly loosened backpackernya principle . Me and a friend blunder buy souvenirs . There squid crackers , crackers grilled , pickled sour kelubi , clothes , coffee , key ring , dried squid , anchovy , lunkhead seaweed , rings of roots , and shredded fish . Well … hopefully increasingly facilitated sustenance , so that could keep the streets and learn a lot from the trip itself .
Happy holiday ^ ^ At 5 I arrived at the hotel , put the goods , and immediately step on the gas . The first object is buried Cape Coast . Very close , to reach it only took 10 minutes from the city center . On the beach, there are rows of seating , a garden , a row of food stalls , and a café . Ancol glance similar , but of course the quality of the sand and water better .Time to fill the stomach , the day before I only had time to chew the food provision as a result of airline delays . Very basic tips when choosing food stalls do not have any reference is : select the most crowded visitors . At a
Want a little peek socio-economic conditions of an area , try to visit the traditional market . The next morning I took time to visit the fish market and harbor Tj . Pandan . Then stopped at a store that sells a variety of pickled fish . Again, Belitung really friendly people have . Had a chat with a lot of brothers who guard the store . And bring home souvenirs marine products whose price can be negotiated rather than shopping in specialty stores souvenirs .Day 2 it’s time to brush the beach . In Bali or Lombok , okay a lot of available tourism map , but not in the Pacific . So the principle of ‘ embarrassed to biro rental mobil di belitung ask astray on the road ‘ so needs to be applied . Possible inputs for Tourism Minister Dear father ( I do not know who the minister of tourism today : P ) to provide tourism map and driving directions for any kind of large parts of Indonesia that tourism is still in the development stage .
Tj beach . High , if the comrades ever watched a movie Laskar Pelangi , where there is a beach spot with large rocks . This is the place. Population around it Laskar Pelangi Beach . Satisfied the photos , I turn around to the beach Tj . Kelayang . If you want to cross into P.Lengkuas , P.Burung , P. and P. Stone Pig Sailing , then this is the beach access. There are many fishing boats that can be rented .
Tj Beach Pier . Kelayang

Next I went on to perkambungan fishermen Tj . Binga . Seeing rows of houses right behind the blue sea makes me drool . ‘d Love to have a house by the sea .diner , I ordered the seafood soup and mackerel fish soup . Small talk , boisterous tavern , then warm soup with a very original flavor , accompanied by the sea breeze . Hmm … life is delicious , man .Full stomach , I continued on . First impressions , the city Tj . Pandan was not great . Without any questions , I am confident tour murah belitung around without fear of getting lost long the way to the beach Tj . highAt night, there are plenty of food vendors on the roadside . Durian is food number 2 top most I’ve encountered . But due to the capacity of the stomach that is not possible, I just bought a pack hoklopan . Hoklopan confectionary number one is the most widely sold evenings at Tj . Pandan . Hoklopan , if in my hometown called Apam behind , while in Indonesia, commonly called sweet martabak .

Terminal , there is no Damri who went to Belitung

Terminal , there is no Damri who went to Belitung around 4 pm , with a further route . I was lucky that day , when he arrived at the terminal , there is a travel car ‘ shoot ‘ is ready to slide into Tj . Pandan . Simply pay 20 thousand yahud sound system accompanied by Taio Cruz Ajeb – Ajeb version and a gentle breeze that makes flatulence .
Facing the peak season , since I already booked accommodation of Jakarta . Live call name , and the driver drove us . Rate 135rb/malam , double bed , tupid or more recurrent , that night I actually watched Sherlock Holmes and the new home at half past three in the morning . As a result woke up late , and unexpected expenses come out , take a taxi to the airport .The initial plan to in the Pacific , we will check in at the agen tour travel belitung hotel first and then towards manggar . Of a passenger on the plane , I was getting information that there is a travel directly from the airport to the manggar . The journey fromthe set . There were jasa rental mobil di belitung about ten people I asked , and all give different clues . Apparently people refer to the building as a primary Laskar Pelangi . Meanwhile, when asked I call ” SD Gantong ” . So the instructions refer to the SD Gantong 1,2, and 3 , in which elementary building really there . One name , meaning wrong place and the wrong direction . Though we did not bring a map , and let alone to use the GPS in Mobile . My friend is using Telkomsel , the signal will not die shrink from life . While I use a 3 , and rest assured I are living proof that THERE IS NO SIGNAL 3 ( Three ) in P. Belitung .
Tanjung Pandan – manggar took approximately 1.5 hours , with a smooth and quiet roads . Cost 30 rb / person .
Once manggar , I rented a bike to go Gantong , a district in the East Pacific Islands . Moral lesson to 2 : when renting a vehicle to ask vehicle details are important . I’m almost half an hour looking for how to open the seat motors to look for a rain coat . My friend called up some friends to ask about this . When successfully opened , it turned out to look for coats that do not exist . Heavy rain , high winds , around only pasture and weeds , and a house . Finally I boarded shelter at the house and greeted a mother -friendly .
Somewhat subsided , I went on a trip and had to buy a coat in a stall at a price of 2 times the normal price . Moral lessons to 3 : willing coat and umbrella when on holiday in the month ending in ” – ber ” .
Here it is the building that I was looking for

Moral lessons to 4 : is when determining the destination , comrades should find out the title of the place by the locals .. Actually my purpose is only to replica manggar SD Muhammadiyah Gantong the Rainbow Warriors finished
Once Gantong Market , I stopped at a coffee shop , fried foods and coffee tasting milk that tastes awful , and chatting with visitors and vending stalls . This is the end of the conversation I managed to find the right direction toward building a replica of the elementary school .
If you want naek public transportation from manggar , most travel was only at 14.00 pm . More afternoon again , guys just come to manggar Bus television , private bathroom , air conditioning , and breakfast . The hotel also features bike rental . Rb/24 85 hours includes fuel Well , the end of the year , everyone is thinking about the holidays. Of course I did not miss , this time the goal is : Belitung .Not to mention leaving , there can be a moral lesson that I learned . If the friend will leave on the first flight in the morning do not ever watch mid night night . Ordinary to save budjet , I took a cab to the pool Damri in Blok M and then to the airport . Either s

Cape High who reputedly quite matchless beauty Belitung

Cape High who reputedly quite matchless beauty Belitung .Typical Culinary Hunting Island TinVisiting a place is not complete if it does not taste the typical cuisine . During a visit to this exotic island , I had the opportunity to try some typical dishes Belitung . The first food is seafood recommended enough . Seafood? Yes , although not including the typical culinary , but enough to be excellent seafood at this place because the price is relatively cheap and the quality is satisfactory rental mobil di belitung terbaru We just got off the ship once the rain  admiration when I see it in person . Once pulled over , we then headed entrance lighthouse . It appears some middle builders renovating the area around the huge building . Before you make the climb to the top of the lighthouse , tourists are fairly unspoiled islands , Big Pig Island seemed to have paket wisata belitung travel managed as outbound tourist attractions . Also on the island are also a breeding turtles and several cottages that can be rented .Our return journey was again accompanied by rain and huge waves rolls . Fortunately , I ‘m used to so it was no longer scary , but rather challenging . Unfortunately , it is still my gray clouds hung until dusk arrives . We must be willing to miss the panoramic sunset at turned into a drizzle . Bird Island is not much different than the other islands . Again granit required to enter the base leg into a bucket of water in front of the entrance . At first I think this is related occult ritual or something . However , it turns calibaration investigate the aim is to prevent corrosion due to sea water on the rungs lighthouse that has stood since the 1882 ‘s . Had trepidation at first , yet eventually I was able to complete the mission to climb the lighthouse end of the floor . And the horror of it is finally paying off, so see natural wonders visible from a height of 18 floors it ! Lengkuas interesting side not only in the lighthouse , there is also the location of the tomb of the Dutch -Native and Swimming Baths Angel . Unfortunately, the beauty of the island is tarnished by the rubbish left by tourists .Ending the day island tour , we were taken by boat to the driver visited the Big Pig Island and Pig Island Small . What distinguishes this island to the other is the absence of human intervention in it . If another e and white sand . However , the island is a little wider so that more places could be explored . One interesting spot was used as background posing a wooden bridge and a pile of rocks that seemed to cause effects photography ” levitation ” .The next agenda was visiting the Dutch heritage lighthouse stands proudly in Lengkuas . Since the early start of this journey , it is a lighthouse that is what I look forward phenomenal . I ‘ve seen it many times in various media , but nonetheless it was unbearable

immediately rush to the area to pesisr north Belitung

immediately rush to the area to pesisr north Belitung . Unfortunately again directing a handful of local tour operators to expensive hotels there as well as a full day round trip package short , as that can be enjoyed on the Pacific coast just a heap of sheer granite . Though quite a number of historical attractions worth listening to . An example of the discovery of the treasure in the attimura I see at least four new three-star hotel began operating alongside Melati class lodges .In the shopping area near Monument Stone Satam also present rental mobil di belitung terbaik an elegant hotel accommodations , a former Dutch colonial officials . “Our region is well developed now . More life , ” said Rizki Fauzi commented on my question about the socio-economic situation of the Pacific .Finding Treasures of the Tang Dynasty and fish ArapaimaTo explore the Pacific Islands of independently , I was renting a motorcycle . The hotel provides his rental services for 100,000 per day . After talking with my employees finally obtain motorcycle Rp75.000 cost alone . By itself it will cease during this public perception that traveled in the Pacific was more severe transportation costs .In general tourists visiting Belitung e 90s . waters of the Pacific who had horrendous world archaeologists in the latSure enough , does not seem passing bus or public transportation . But when I thought to hail a taxi , stop a teenager with his motorcycle and was willing to give a ride to Tanjung Pandan . Of course I was elated . Rizki Fauzi , the name of the good-hearted teenager , I drove to the heart of the city at Jalan Pattimura exactly where diverse inn located adjacent to each other .After looking around for a while , eventually I anchored myself in Pondok Impian Hotel . This hotel standard room berbanderol about 150,000 overnight and has been equipped by the air conditioner . Suffice it to unwind . Along the Pacific more and more popular as a tourist destination , the number of guests is greatly increased . On the Road P

Even this beach has water so quiet Belitung

Even this beach has water so quiet Belitung . This is because there are several smaller islands that surround the beach and serves to hold the huge waves crashing this region , as reported by visitbangkabelitung pages .This beach has an overall length of approximately 4km . It is facing to the west coast mah is one area that has a very beautiful tourist potential in Pangkalpinang . If during this time the sand is not known to have a dense structure , in contrast with the sand on the beach . The density of the sand is what makes this beach becomes more unique .The tourists not only can walk down the beach like other beaches , can also stroking it with two-wheeled vehicles , even four wheels . Therefore , it provides a place for your motocross facility automotive enthusiasts .It is located within 8km from the center of Pangkalpinang make a lot of tourists visit this place , not only from the local well beyond Babylon . On holidays , the number paket wisata belitung terbaik of tourists even in the thousands . Various activities can be done at this beach , like play sand beach , kite flying , or just enjoying the beach air and the breeze that blows .Final fell to earth and then froze . Thousands of years buried in the ground , these shiny black paket wisata belitung island rocks form a unique pattern on its outer surface .Satam Stone models vary, there is a round , flat , and similar gravel . He used to just be a collection of tin miners , now also in demand by foreign buyers . Enthusiastkes it a very fitting visit to enjoy the sunset . Orange sun in the middle of the sky with fine white sand and crystal clear sea water makeBangka Belitung ( Babel ) is currently more popular among tourists . The location is the background of the film Laskar Pelangi is known for the many beautiful beach rental mobil di belitung terlengkap tourism which has its own uniqueness .Contained a unique beach in Babylon , of whom Pasir Padi Beach and Coastal Romodong . Pasir Padi Beach is one of the beaches of the region, Air Itam . This beacs may choose which is still not polished or processed into a pendant and a ring . Price depends on size , ranging from 50,000 to Rp 500,000 .Besides Batu Satam , other typical souvenirs Belitung is Fish Crackers this occasion I share a about the beauty Belitung snacks such as mackerel and squid crackers , Sambal Lingkong resembling shredded , fermented anchovy Rusip the spicy taste , and Terasi from Sijuk village . Get any easier because now souvenir shops have sprung up in the town of Tanjung Pandan . Examples Souvenirs Shop in Jalan Pattimura Family Cap and CLA in Jalan Sriwijaya .
In contrast to the uniqueness of Pasir Padi Beach , Beach Romodong has its own uniqueness . This beach is located 18km from the city as far Belinyu or 90km from the center of Pangkalpinang . On the way to the beach Romodong , the tourists will be greeted with a distinctive uniqueness of this beach . Two large granite rock that reaches 10 meters high that stands firmly on either side Matras Beach is located in the village of New Rays and a period of approximately 20 km from the city Sungailiat to the north, have very easy access because there is a smooth macadam facilities and wide. All types of vehicles can enter the beach up to the lip of white sandy beaches and ramps along 5 km from the southern tip to the northern tip of the peninsula . The beach and palm trees dilatar belakangi natural river flow , often referred to as Paradise Beach .Ocean Beach is located in the Village Jebu Jebu Sea , Sub Jebus . This beach has its own pull Jaya
compared to other beaches . In addition to the blue sea water , the beach is lined diperindah rocks with dimensions large enough to naturally structured . The Interest of Coastal Marine Jebu are people living along the pristine beach Checkmate Quarter paket wisata belitung travel residents Besides you can enjoy the beauty of nature, there is incomplete if you have not blelum regional culinary tasting or purchase by the – by the time you return later. by – by that alone can bring such as brittle ( like peanut shape atom ) , kremangok destination of the day was Sand Island . Actually this is not the island , the dunes appear only when low tide ( low tide ) . The extent of not how , I was so frustrated to see a group of visitors stop by when have ‘ mastered . ‘ Never mind , happiness needs to be shared , and for a few days after all the beauty of the Pacific Islands have managed to touch the hearts . Yes , rhapsody for the Rainbow State would still resonates .Typical Souvenir hunting BelitungEveryone wants to tie up memories of places visited . There are enough through the photographs , there are buy unique souvenirs in the form of snacks , fruits , handicraft products . Belitung itself has unique souvenir named Batu Satam who is believed to have magical powers . Satam stone or scientific name Billitonites a meteor fragments that chips , etc. . one of the favorite drinks and foods which are weak there yellow and Tai Fu Sui ( like soy milk ) , or you can direct visit other villages china there until you get your culinary trips to sightseeing culture already there.Perhaps many of you , especially those living on the island of Java were thinking a trip to the Pacific would need to cost a fortune . If you think it’s so wrong . Not as expensive as one might imagine really.

I try to share my travel experiences to the Pacific in February 2012 yesterday . The most rapid way , especially those of you who do not have much vacation time must have been on a plane . Try from the far – away days before the scheduled trip you designed hunting – hunting plane ticket . Cheap anyway , if it was not peak season we can be fairly cheap ticket . Rp 350 thousands we ‘ve been able to fly to Tanjung Pandan So that the fall is not expensive , then look two ways ticket ( round-trip ) . FYI , to date there are only peberbangan to the Pacific Islands of the Sukarno Hatta Airport Terminal B Jakarta . Only Airlines Sri Wijaya Air and Batavia Air that had rut into the Pacific , aka Tanjung Pandan . Hananjoedin airport in the capital city of the Pacific , namely Tanjung Pandan relatively small airport . Each aircraft should turn when they want to take off and landing at the airport each other .
of the street will welcome tourists like a gate . Located approximately 600 meters from the gate , then we can discover the hidden charm of this beach .Dense fine white sand that seemed to extend draw tourists to track it down .  this beach a wonderful tour packages